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A Professional Kuchipudi dancer and an Actor

I was born and finished most of my education in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. My parents Shri Raheed and Shrimati Mehetaj, have encouraged and nurtured my passion for performing arts. Bred in a rich mix of fabric of Islamic and Telugu culture, I have been attracted to the Indian Traditional dance, especially to the art of Kuchipudi Dance. I have been practicing this dance since a tender age of nine. I was trained under the revered Guru Sri K.V Subrahamanyam, disciple of the venerated Guru Sri (Dr.) Vempati China Satyam.
An MBA by qualification, I live in Hyderabad and had given more than 800 solo and group performances all over India and abroad.
I have given more than 800 solo and group performances all over India. The highlights being those held in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra - the representative shows have been at the Ravindra Bharati, the Russian Art Theatre at Chennai, Tirupathi Bramostavallu at Tirupathi, Humpi Festival at Humpi, All India Craft Mela at Shilparaman Crafts Village at Hyderabad, Dasara Festival at Mysore, 10th National Youth Festival held at the Lal Bahadur Stadium Hyderabad, a 12 hour dance show Akhanda Annamayya Nrutyabhinaya Yagnam at Guntur. Further, I have participated and performed on numerous occasions in Hyderabad - at the People's Plaza on the Necklace Road Hyderabad, at the Asian Youth Festival, American Telugu Association Festival at Shilpakala Vediaka and the Secunderabad Carnival at Harihara Kalabhavan at Secunderabad.
A dedicated student of this splendid art form, being drawn to its rich cultural legacy, my performances are characterized by Classical Kuchipudi style and much more. The very mode of display, restrained movements as smooth as the flow of honey, scintillating footwork, sequential furtive glances - and all this with the innocence and agility of a young deer, holds the audience spell bound!
I am one of those very few dancers who can also take to the female dance form with equal grace and ease, specially when dancing as Sri Satya Bhama.
I have worked in several dance schools, in Andhra Pradesh including Hyderabad and taught dance to school students on the invitation of these schools. A highly talented and appreciated dance professional, I have won many accolades and gold medals in numerous classical dance competitions. A keen composer, I have demonstrated this on many occasions by composing both classical and fusion music themes, which have orchestrated my performances.


Sculptural evidence from all parts of India and the surrounding region points to a rich tradition of dance and music that flourished over a thousand years ago.
All over ancient India, it would seem, dance and music were seen not merely as ways to celebrate but also as offerings of worship and thanksgiving to the Divine. Over the course of time, the dance forms practiced in the different parts of the country were codified and developed distinct identities according to the geographic, socio-economic, and political conditions of each region.
The dance form Kuchipudi developed in what is now known as the state of Andhra Pradesh in southern India. Kuchipudi derives its name from the village Kuchelapuram, where it was nurtured by great scholars and artists who built up the repertoire and refined the dance technique.
The technique of Kuchipudi makes use of fast rhythmic footwork and sculpturesque body movements. Stylized mime, using hand gestures and subtle facial expression, is combined with more realistic acting, occasionally including dialogues spoken by the dancers. In this blend of performance techniques, Kuchipudi is unique among the Indian classical dance styles. Kuchipudi today is performed either as a solo or a group presentation, but historically it was performed as a dance drama, with several dancers taking different roles. Another unique feature of Kuchipudi is the Tarangam, in which the performer dances on the edges of a brass plate, executing complicated rhythmic patterns with dexterity, while sometimes also balancing a pot of water on the head.
Kuchipudi is accompanied by Carnatic music. A typical orchestra for a Kuchipudi recital includes the mridangam, flute and violin. A vocalist sings the lyrics, and the nattuvanar conducts the orchestra and recites the rhythmic patterns.

Deccan Kuchipudi Art Academy

A pioneering Kuchipudi dance institute in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. It is a non-profit organization, established in the year 2011 by Haleem Khan with an aim to popularise Kuchipudi art form. The teaching is imparted in Guru Shishya Parampara style. Each student is personally trained under the able guidance of the guru himself. At a time when this sacred art form is elusive to the common man due to high commercialization, this institute relentlessly trained potential and talented students irrespective of their economic capabilities.
The academy has conducted many workshops at many prominent colleges and institutes with aplomb. Over the years apart from traditional dance items, students have been taught many new compositions by Haleem Khan.


Kuchipudi Instructional Dance DVD

Deccan Kuchipudi Art Academy is an NGO which works towards practicing, promoting and propagating the sacred art of Kuchipudi. After 4 years of stupendous and rigorous efforts this instructional video took shape. Young dancer Haleem Khan is the man behind this instructional DVD. This instructional video facilitates enthusiasts of all the age groups who are interested to learn the art form of Kuchipudi.
The main motto behind the making of this instructional video is to reduce time constraint. This video comes in handy to the learner to access lessons anywhere and at any time. This video works more than a reference manual with all the minute details mentioned about Kuchipudi. This instructional video makes every parent a teacher to supervise and direct their children. With the noble consent to give global exposure to the art of Kuchipudi, this sequence was made meticulously and it is all ready to be launched in to the market.

A Thanks Giving Dance

A Unique Kuchipudi Dance Performance.
Mah Laqa Bai was a 18th century Urdu poetess based in Hyderabad, during the Nizam rule. A poetess, courtesan and philanthropist. Also known as Mah Laqa Chanda, reached heights of fame through her works. She went on to become the first poetess to have a Diwan (collection of poems) of her works in 1824.
Her monument has been recently restored to its former glory by the US Consulate Hyderabad in 2011. This has indeed been a very gracious act by the US Consulate, to have revived this monument in Hyderabad which stands for unique art and culture. They expended much effort and money in doing this.
As a great admirer of Mah Laqa, Haleem Khan has taken it upon himself to thank the US Consulate with his specially choreographed program.

Dance & Dialogue

This program is designed to propagate and educate the audience on Indian Classical dances. It is observed that most of the younger generation do not completely understand Classical dance, and seem to have a notion that is boring and hence cannot appreciate this fine art.

We will position our performance, so the audience will grasp what we are doing and how we do it! We will endeavor to clear the communication gap - that exists between a Classical dancer and the audience.

It would not be just a dance program, but an evening of comprehending the grammar of the dancer and dance. Trust this first ever idea would be great experience, and the audience better appreciates the values of Indian heritage and culture.


It went back to an era of leisure, love and romance. The dances were choreographed to the poetry of Abul Hasan Tana Shah, Mohd Quli Qutb Shah etc. Ghazals and Shairis presented in a novel way, royal poetry merging with contemporary dance.

Rhyme & Rhythm

Again based on poetry, but English poetry, it was English poetry blending with Indian dance. Works of famous English poets like Keats, Rossetti and Indian poets like Rabindranath Tagore and Sarojini Naidu were interpreted through classical and modern dance to a highly appreciative audience.


Melange of Dances

Haleem also choreographed the fusion and merging of Kuchipudi and western dances. (an experimental dance ballet) merging Western Classical Dance with Kuchipudi - which was supported by the Alliance Francaise of Hyderabad and the French Embassy in India. This program toured major cities in India and met with great appreciation and applause. It was recorded for Doordarshan TV.


(a dance of Spanish origin with hand clapping and stamping of feet), which Haleem fused with Kuchipudi, to conduct a workshop along with the famous Ms. Maria Pages and team.

A fusion of Kuchipudi and Thai traditional dance Khon and Lakon Nai

Haleem also choreographed the fusion of Kuchipudi and Thai traditional dance Khon and Lakon Nai which he choreographed and performed along with a team from Thailand.

Telugu Prashasthi

A dance ballet (a dance ballet organized by the Official Language Committee to promote Telugu).

Mahakavi Sri Sri

Kuchipudi dance based on his poetry.

Raithu Rayalu

Based on the life of King Sri Krishnadevarayalu for the Department of Culture - Andhra Pradesh.

Haleem has enthralled many corporate audiences. By his acute perception of the audience along with active interactions with the event manager, Haleem has innovatively created and performed for corporate audiences. The shows specially designed for the select audience, whether it be the duration, style or tempo - keeping in mind what best the audience would appreciate and absorb.

Corporate Events
  • Group Performance 1

  • Group Performance 2

  • Dance on Plate

  • Dance on Pots


The major attraction in Kuchipudi dance style is performing Tarangam. Dancing with the feet settled on the rims of a brass plate was introduced to make the style more attractive and outshine when in comparison with its kindred styles. This is not a gimmick, nor is it an effort to bring in irrelevant acrobatics. Such sequences reveal the artiste's mastery over rhythmic complexities.


"Alai Bhalai" - by Shri Bandaru Dattatreya (Minister of State for Labour and Employment)- September 2016

"Yuva Kalaratna" - by Sri Sai Manjeera Kuchipudi Art Academy Guntur- April 2015

"Natya Kala Prapurna" - by Raitu Seva Samithi Armoor- December 2015

"OYP (Outstanding Young Person Award)" - A title conferred by Junior Chamber International (JCI) - September 2010

"Natya Koumudi" - A title conferred by Abhinaya Nruthya Bharathi, Eluru.

"Nrutya Tapasvi" - A title conferred by Rasanjali Cultural Association - 2010

Awarded for his contribution in the field of Kuchipudi dance by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh - 2009

A gold medallion from the Rotary Club for excellence in Kuchipudi dance - 2005

A gold medallion from Kala Natyamandali for excellence in Kuchipudi dance - 2004

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